Welcome to Project XI !

Welcome to Project XI!  Help us try get the world religious community to put an end to big tobacco and the cruel joke this industry continues to play on us.  Every day kids and adults start their addiction to tobacco, the most reliable anti-depressant in nature.  That’s right, tobacco (that is, the nicotine and harman in it) is an anti-depressant.  That’s why smokers get depressed and irritable when they try to quit.  And people who do quit often do so by taking the antidepressant buproprion–to take the place of the tobacco!

Too bad tobacco addicts have to get their drug in the form of tobacco–the plant causes mouth cancer and the smoke causes throat and lung cancer and heart disease!

The effects of nicotine and harman don’t last too long; they wear off after about an hour so addicts have to smoke again to feel better!

Tobacco is such an effective antidepressant, anti-anxiety, and psychostimulant that the brain can never really fall out of love with it!

Tobacco smoke injures whoever is breathing it in– the pet cats and dogs of smokers get feline and canine asthma! Smoker’s kids get asthma too!

The U.S. spends $500 million  every day to pay for the medical treatment of diseased smokers!  Over $ 200 billion yearly!

6,000,000 (six million!) people die, worldwide,  every year from diseases caused by tobacco!

Every day 100,000 kids have their first cigarette!

Tobacco companies have killed more U.S. military than all the wars in the history of the U.S.!  A bullet on the battlefield would have been a more merciful death than the surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy necessary to treat smoker’s cancers!

Smokers need a cigarette first thing in the morning, last thing at night. Smokers will wake up in the middle of the night to smoke.  They have to smoke in order to feel normal.  Just like salt helps you and me to taste our food better, smokers need tobacco to sharpen their pleasurable sensations.  Smokers smoke after they eat, urinate,  after sex and after any activity that gives any sensation of pleasure or happiness.  Tobacco is “salt” for yor mood!  While un-“salted” french fries are not very tasty, an un-“tobaccoed” brain is not very happy.

The world religious community remains blind to the worldwide tobacco scandal. Help Project XI enlighten them.

Please help us to help them see!  Tell your friends about Project XI.  Thanks!!


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