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November 11, 2011

Dear servant of God,

I am sending you this message in support of Project XI, an anti-tobacco effort organized by Physicians and Nurses Against Tobacco.

While modern medicine has eradicated diseases such as bubonic plague and small pox and has reduced the incidence of many other maladies, the tobacco plague continues. The social and economic costs of this problem are horrifying.

The Rabbinical Council of America after much observation, study, prayer, and reflection, and recognizing the moral aspect of this addiction, issued a condemnation of the use of tobacco in 2006.   Physicians and Nurses Against Tobacco is borrowing from that ancient religious tradition as the premise for Project XI, the eleventh commandment, “Don’t smoke!”

Please join us in working to put an end to the tobacco industry, an activity with no positive effects for humanity, but one that has exacted an enormous loss in life, health, and economic resources.  As the photo of the little boy from Indonesia clearly demonstrates, the tobacco business is a form of abuse against innocents.

Throughout history humanity has looked to you to for protection from moral, civil, and economic injustice.  We now turn to you mindful of your universal mission to teach us how to properly serve both God and man.

Project XI formally starts today November 11, 2011.  We are contacting you by Email, Facebook, Twitter and other powerful internet resources to inform and to ask for your support.  We will again contact with you on the 11th day of every month to encourage your support and to witness to our belief that you are our best hope in saving humankind from the scourge of tobacco.

Physicians and Nurses Against Tobacco and I thank you for your collaboration in Project XI.



Project XI   P.O. Box 630   Barrington, Rhode Island  02806-0630  USA