Please send a message to your Clergy by making a small donation in their name.  We will email them about your gift made on their behalf.  Please do this as a gesture to remind them of the reality of the world-wide tobacco problem and to encourage their rapid response and participation in Project XI.

Please make your donation via Paypal below and include the email address and name of your Clergy in the space that allows notes. Thank you from Project XI!

Click here to download our Religious Email Listing. This document has the names and email addresses of many Clergy to whom you can dedicate your donation.

Click the donate button below to be taken to Paypal to make a secure donation. Leave the name of your Clergy person in the notes field.

A Message from Project XI

Dear  Bishop,  Brother, Chaplain, Elder, Father,  Guru, Imam, Mother, Mufti, Parson, Prophet, Reverend, Rabbi, Sister:

A donation to Project XI has been made in your name by a member of your flock to encourage your support and participation in this important international anti-tobacco effort.

Please visit for more information.

Thank you from Project XI!