Tobacco: The Deadly Anti-Depressant


Welcome to Project XI, an effort organized by Physicians And Nurses Against Tobacco (PANAT). Our goal is simple—to engage the collaboration of religious leaders in the fight against the tobacco industry. The failure of the world’s religions to  fight the tobacco problem is a grave oversight.  Hospitals with religious affiliations are well aware of tobacco’s toll on public health.   Hospital revenue generated by the treatment of tobacco-caused illness is a further indictment of this collective lapsus. The Spirit of the Creator, long ago, enlightened scientific researchers that the use of tobacco is harmful for all and deadly for many. Yet the scourge continues, killing 6 million of us every year.

In our video above, “Project XI Stop Tobacco” see the little boy Ardi Rizal from Indonesia, a tobacco addict. At 2 years old he was already smoking 40 cigarettes a day. His mother told journalists that if was not allowed to smoke cigarettes he would become moody, irritable, and depressed. He innocently demonstrates the cruelly involuntary nature of tobacco addiction.


Please view PANAT’s most recent video discussion of the tobacco problem “The Nude Evangelization”.

Tobacco sales, tobacco advertising, and tobacco taxes are important sources of revenue for industries and governments. All thanks to the effects of nicotine and harman, the powerfully addictive antidepressant and anti-anxiety chemicals in tobacco. The effects of these tobacco chemicals can vary from person to person–some people are calmed down, some are energized.  Nicotine and harman amplify and prolong every pleasurable emotional and physical sensation making the tobacco addict feel “numb” without it.  Tobacco addicts just don’t feel normal without smoking.  The addictive powers of tobacco are so predictable that selling it is really a dirty trick!

Tobacco-related illness generates a lot of money for both pharmaceutical and medical industries.  So you can see that the tobacco scourge makes a lot of people wealthy, not just the tobacco companies.

In 2006, after much consideration, prayer, and reflection, the Rabbinical Council of America condemned the use of tobacco. They also humbly acknowledged their negligence in not having addressed this problem earlier. Well better late than never!  It is time that their spiritual brethren do the same.

We ask you to join our project. On November 11, 2011 Physicians and Nurses Against Tobacco started Project XI and we asked children and their parents from all over the world to send an email message to religious leaders requesting that these spiritual leaders finally act—collectively and with determination—against the deadly tobacco industry. The Project XI campaign continues by again sending those emails on the 11th day of every month until our religious leaders have put an end to the tobacco problem.  Religious leadres are the only ones who can end the scourge of tobacco.  Help Project XI to enlighten and unify them.

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